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SurveyRewardz review - legit or scam?

SurveyRewardz is an international survey site. After a free registration you get survey invites by email (but if you open the site regularly you can find more surveys). Once you finished a survey you can see the money you earned at the top of the page. You can earn up to $10 per survey but the average is $0.6-$2 per survey. SurveyRewardz is one of my favoruite sites because they have a lot of international surveys. As with any other survey sites you can earn better if you are in the US but there are a considerable amount of surveys even if you are in Europe or Africa. Please keep in mind that if your answers are not honest you can be disqualified. The minimum payout is $5 but there is a $0.10 payment fee if your requested amount less than $10. SurveyRewardz is a legit site, I can really recommend it.  You can join here . Payment proofs: You can find more international earning opportunities by clicking here .