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Is SurveyTime legit and safe?

SurveyTime is one of the most popular survey sites nowadays, mainly because it pays you right after you finished the survey. It is very easy to make sure that the site is legit: you just have to register , fill out a survey and wait for your money. It should be in you account within minutes. But you don't need to test it yourself: there are a lot of payment proofs on the net, just like mine: So, yes, SurveyTime is a legit site , it pays you $1 for a survey (or $0.5 for a shorter one). But is it safe to use it? There isn't much to be afraid of, the site doesn't contain a virus or any other harmful stuff, and they can't take your money just because they know your PayPal address. I never got spam from them, so I can absolutely recommend them as a safe site . Register here , and check out these other survey sites if you want more money .

Earn money with surveys in the US! Only legit PayPal sites.

If you want to get paid by taking surveys and you are living in the US check these sites are for you. Register all sites to get more survey invites and earn more money!, Inc.   LifePoints - Minimum payout is as low as $5 via PayPal. iSurveyWorld - This is an international site but most of the surveys are for US. It pays via PayPal. SurveyTime - This site pays you as soon as you finished the survey. $1 for normal surveys and $0.5 for small surveys. Survey Junkie - One of the best paid survey sites available in Canada and the United States. For more (international) sites, check out this list or visit this link for UK survey sites !