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5 Legit International Survey Sites That Pay Through Skrill

Most people usually withdraw their earnings to PayPal or a bank account, but the third most popular option is Skrill.   So, for those who don't have or don't like PayPal, here is a small list of international survey sites that pay you through Skrill: MarketAgent SuperPay Think Opinion Rewarding Ways GetPaidTo

GreenPanthera survey site review with payment proof

GreenPanthera is an international survey site where you can find surveys in your mother language.  After registration , you will get email invites for surveys, but if you really want to earn as much as you can, you should definitely open the site regularly and check for new surveys even if you didn't get invites. Unfortunately, the login procedure is a bit complicated because you always have to fill out a captcha, but this isn't a big problem, just a little annoyance that I haven’t encountered on another site. As with other sites, they are times when you get invites but you are unable to fill out the survey, but as the system learns more and more about you, these become less common over time. GreenPanthera ’s payout limit is relatively high ($30), but that’s not necessarily a bad sign. As in the case with the Univox community , where the payout limit is $25, you have more chance to earn money in these sites than other similar sites where the payout limit is lower. I have always

Earn money with the ySense mobile app (Android & iPhone)

ySense just created a mobile application you can use to take paid surveys and micro jobs. If you download the app, you get instant notifications of the surveys on your phone, so you can be sure you not miss any surveys. The app is available internationally. If you are not already on ySense , you must first register on the site here . After registering you need to download the ySense app, which you can get here if you have Android phone or here if you have an iPhone. If you’re interested in other money-making apps , check out this list !

SurveyTime - get instantly rewarded with $1 for every survey

If you want to make money online quickly, one of the easiest ways is to do it is to register to SurveyTime . SurveyTime pays you instantly after you fill out the survey you are invited. The interface of the page itself is in English, but the surveys are in your mother language and the surveys are available worldwide. After registration, a survey may be available immediately, but even if there is no survey for you, you will get invitations soon. You should respond to the invitation as quickly as possible to make sure you not miss the opportunity (each survey needs only a limited number of responders). The surveys usually ask about your shopping habits, or your opinion about a product or product category. After answering the survey, it will ask you the payout method you want to use to get the money (e.g. PayPal) and they will immediately transfer the money to your account. Register here if you want to try the site! If you want to earn more, check out these other survey sites .