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7 Legit Survey Sites That Pay You If You Are Living in the UK

Taking paid surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn online. You can use these legit and tested sites to earn money if you are living in the UK ( click here for the international sites). You can register to more sites if you want to maximize your earning potential. Lux Surveys (UK) iSurveyWorld (UK) Mobrog (UK), Inc. LifePoints +1: earn passive income by installing an app to your mobile: IRIS (UK)   Join to the Earn money with surveys Facebook group if you have any questions.

Using survey sites during holidays

Most survey sites can only be used from certain countries, and if you have already registered from a country, you can't use the site from another location. This is especially true for sites using offer walls, because the offer wall companies are very strict about locations. Each offer wall company checks separately whether the person completing the survey is actually from the country they are registered from and they mostly use only the IP address to determine the location. This can cause problems if you want to use these pages during your vacation.   In order to meet the requirements of the offer wall companies, many survey sites monitor the IP address used when you log in, and simply mark you as cheater if you log in from a new country. In these cases, you can usually solve the problem by writing a ticket to the survey site after you get home and explaining that you were on holiday, but this is an unnecessary inconvenience that is best avoided. I suggest you to relax and do n