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Enrollapp review - legit or scam?

Enrollapp is not really an app, it is a website where you can earn money by taking small surveys. When I say small, I really mean it - most of the surveys have only 5-8 questions and you can easily answer them in a couple of minutes. Enroll is an international site, you can register from anywhere. Earnings I have been using it for 3 years and I have taken more than 100 surveys and earned about $20. As you can see you can't earn a living with Enrollapp, but it is good for a beer money site. The payment threshold is as low as $1. My opinion If you want a small side-money and you are interested in website-related surveys, Enroll is for you. Don't expect too much money and be patient for the invites and you will not be disappinted. If you want earn more, take a look at my favorite survey sites here .